La Syrie: Les faits et les chiffres

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Be shocked. And ask why.

UPDATED: 16 December 2015

As Europe struggles to deal with a surge in refugees, attention is now shifting to Syria where most people are coming from. But what is the violence they’re fleeing?

Many assume that Isis is doing most of the killing, which is partly why so many countries are now talking about bombing Isis in Syria. But the truth is different – and shocking. The vast majority of Syrian civilians killed – more than 95% according to human rights groups – have been killed by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Have a look at the data from the Syrian Network for Human Rights:

Total civilians Qui tue les civils ?

“One of the barrel bombs fell through a shaft in their home, filling the ventilation with chlorine as it broke open. Their basement became a makeshift gas chamber.” Dr Mohamed Tennari, Idlib province.


Who's killing civilians in Syria


Children Qui tue les enfants ?


“I was captured by the police and put in prison for 22 days. I was tortured and I saw children dying. I’ve got scars on my feet, chest and back. There were hundreds of us in prison – I was in a big cell with the other children. The youngest ones were nine or ten, they had been captured. I was beaten up every day, and they used electricity too.”  – Moussa, 15, as told to Save The Children


Who's killing children in Syria?


Medical workers Qui tue le personnel médical

“It was during Ramadan, when people were fasting, and a plane shot a missile at the hospital, killing a doctor, a nurse, and a baby in an incubator.” Doctor in Kafrnabel, Idlib  



Media activists Qui tue les activistes?

“My camera is my weapon against the regime.” Noureddine Hashim, 21. Killed by regime shelling.





“[The regime] ordered me to torture my cousin. I did everything they asked. I beat him with my hands, kicked him with my legs, beating him and saying, ‘I’m sorry.” Inside Assad’s Hospitals of Terror -Vanity Fair 





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